Cloud Solution Viet Nam JSC established teams of IT and management experience worked for the domestic and foreign organizations.

Company shares technology solutions Solution CS-2011 established teams of IT and management experience worked for the domestic and foreign organizations.

CS-Solution is the pioneer in providing total solutions and system integration for commercial centers, hotels, office complex, apartment, amusement parks, ... with control measures on vehicle tunnel, look up information systems, ...
Besides the solution is system management software solutions by experts of the CS-Direct Solution of research and development: hotel management software (PMS), CBook.net accounting software, software HR manager salary, sales management software stores, software apartment management, and systems online portal (website, portal).

The motto of our work as consultants, providing solutions and services that meet the most stringent requirements of customers with simple solutions, intelligent, reliable, fast customer service, make mind.

Typical products:

- Accounting software: Simplify the data entry with the specified account and made available on an entry form documents, Consolidation of financial statements from the member units.
- Hotel Management Software: According to the standard 5-star international business. Total solution from reservation, reception, room accommodations, restaurants, operator, accounting ... Connection from the card lock and perform over IPTV-interface software with top professional standards in Vietnam.
- System Information gathering: Display general information and charts to customers. Navigational guidance and information in the commercial centers, museums, libraries ....
Vietnamese interface simple and easy lookup
- Software sales manager, supermarket: barcode sales, sales with touch screens for small supermarkets, restaurants, integrate and connect with other systems such as accounting, personnel, hotels ...
- HR software, payroll: human resources management as a professional process, Payroll by multiple methods.